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한미연합회는 비영리비정파를 지향하는 지역사회 단체입니다. 1983년에 로스엔젤레스에서 설립된 한미연합회는 교육지역사회결속그리고 다양한 지역공동체와 연합 형성을 통해 코리안 아메리칸 지역사회 현안 문제민원의 해결과 민권 증진을 목적으로 삼고 있습니다. 현재 미국 전국에 9개의 지부가 있습니다. 

The Korean American Coalition (KAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan community advocacy organization.

Established in 1983, KAC’s mission is to facilitate the Korean American community’s participation in civic, legislative & community affairs, and encourage the Korean American community to contribute and become and integral part of the broader American society.

To extend the agenda and mission of KAC, KAC-SD (Korean American Coalition San Diego Chapter) launched to serve the greater San Diego and beyond area. To make a better Korean American society, KAC-SD aims to create education program, activities and so on.

Mission Statement

KAC-SD shall operate as a nonprofit and nonpartisan corporation and advance the interests of the Korean American community and those of other groups on matters of common concern, both in the greater San Diego area and beyond. To that end, KAC-SD shall promote the culture of diversity within the general community and advance civic affairs, community participation, civil rights, education, and leadership of Korean Americans.

Goal Statement

• To be an effective bilingual advocate for the Korean American community by articulating community concerns and interests and establishing channels of communication with elected officials, private and public agencies, other community organizations, media and the general public.

• To promote and advocate the civil and civic rights interests of Korean Americans, increasing civic and legislative awareness and the general social consciousness of the Korean American community.

• To be an informational resource and referral for and about the Korean American community.

• To maintain networks of communication and cooperation between KAC and other organizations in the Korean American community as well as with organizations representing other racial and ethnic communities.

• To maintain a viable working organization composed of first, second, and third generation Korean Americans.

• To organize and implement leadership development programs encouraging Korean American students to become capable leaders in community and civic affairs.

Organize, Educate, Empower and UNITE!

Events & Activities:


April 13: Mentorship Night @ San Diego State University (with Korean Student Association)

May 8: Networking Lunch @ Emeralds Dim Sum

May 15 : Asian American Heritage month celebration

Jul 31: Networking Dinner @ Common Theory

Sep 23: Networking Lunch @ San Tong Palace

Oct 21: Mentorship Night @ San Diego State University

(with Korean Student Association)

Nov 8: Movie Night @ San Diego Asian Film Festival


April 21: Mentorship Night @ UC San Diego (with Kommon Society)

Jul 28: Social Networking Mixer @ Common Theory Public House (with Korean American Bar Association-San Diego)

Board Members:

  1. Charles Shin (Realtor & Broker, Kor Am Property & Investments) – Board Chair
  2. James Pham (Founder & CEO of EnlighTea)
  3. Jenny Kim (Business Strategy Consultant)
  4. Raehyun Im (Business Development Executive at PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  5. Jini Shim (Graduate student, San Diego State University) – President